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English 1820 gold ring with diamonds and pearls

English ca 1810 gold ring with full cut diamonds and natural pearls. Ring size : “J” +1/2


Garnet and diamond ring

Large garnet set in silver with rose diamonds surround. The gallery and shank is high carat gold. Ca 1880 Ring size : “K” +1/2



Cabochon sapphire in platinum ring

Ca 1900 platinum ring set with high cabochon Ceylon sapphire. Measurement of bezel : 14 x 12 Ring size : “L”



Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio of a bull ca second century A.D.i modern high carat setting. Measurements of bezel : 18.5 x 14.5 mm The religious practices […]



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman intaglio of a pair of gazelles carved in a sard, set in an eighteenth century ring. Measurements of bezel :13 x 11 mm



Eighteenth century diamond cluster ring

Eighteenth century diamond cluster ring. Diameter of bezel : 11.5 mm Ring size : “L”



Seventeenth century carnelian armorial ring

Ca 1680 seal carved armorial carnelian, in contemporary gold setting. England ca 1680. Measurement of bezel : 15 x 15 mm Ring size : “W”+1/2



Memento Mori Ring

Memento Mori gold ring with skull in glass covered bezel.The outside of the ring is with black enamel and engraved “M Bryer Ob 18 July […]



Georgian Giardinetti diamond ring

Small Georgian Giardinetti ring English ca 1780 in silver and gold. The bezel is set with diamonds. Measurements of bezel : 14 x 10 mm […]



Georgian Giardinetti diamond ring

Small Georgian Giardinetti ring English ca 1780 in silver and gold. The bezel is set with diamonds. Measurements of bezel : 14 x 10 mm […]



Georgian ring with diamonds

Late eighteenth century gold and silver ring, the bezel is set with diamonds and rubies. English ca 1780 Ring size : “N”



Georgian gold ring with Burma rubies

English ca 1800 gol ring , set with three untreated Burma rubies. Ring size : “J” + 1/2



Carved garnet armorial gold ring

ca 1700 octagonal carved garnet armorial set int 1940 Art Deco gold ring. Measurements of bezel : 20 x 16.5 mm Ring size : “N”+1/2



Ancient gold ring with intaglio

Hellenistic ca 150 B.C. gold ring with agate intaglio. The intaglio is of Serapis. The ring is all original and the gem has not been […]



Eighteenth century ring with sapphire and diamonds

Ca 1760 gold and silver ring with foiled sapphire and diamonds. Ring size : “O”



Eighteenth century ring with rubies and diamond

Continental probably Italian gold and silver ring with a single diamond in the middle and surrounded by six rubies. Ca 1740. Ring size : J+1/2



Seventeenth century silver gilt posy ring

English late seventeenth century silver gilt posy ring with the engraved posy inside : “Be constant ” Width of the band : 9 mm Ring […]



Medieval gold ring with sapphire

Medieval gold ring, England ca 1350-1400 with engraved shoulders and a cabochon sapphire. Width of band : 4.3 mm



Seventeenth century gold posy ring

English ca 1660 gold posy ring. The inside is engraved : ” BE TREU IN HEART ” Width : 4.8 mm Weight: 4.3 gram



Eighteenth century cameo ring

Eighteenth century agate cameo ring with a diamonds surround. English ca 1780. The diamonds / rose cuts / are set into silver. Measurements of bezel:18 […]



Thirteenth century Judaica bronz ring

Bronz ring ca 1300 with an engraved star of David and a bust of a man in the middle. Measurement of bezel : 21.5 mm […]



1600 gold ring with emeralds

Probably English gold ring ca 1600-1620 with five emeralds. The ring was enamelled originally but sadly nothing of this is left.



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman niccolo intaglo of a head of an eagle in new high carat gold setting. Measurements of the bezel : 17 x 15 mm […]



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman intaglio of Athene in later high carat gold ring. Measurements of gem 12 x 10 mm Ring size : “N” Weight : 15.6 […]



Renaissance gold ring with ruby

Gold ring ca. 1550 probably Italian. Of course it was enamelled but unfortunately there is no trace of it anymore. Ring size : “N” = […]



Fourteenth century gilt silver iconographic ring

English ca 1380 fire gilt and engraved “iconographic” silver ring. The ring is engraved with the image of two Saints. Ring size : “Q” + […]



Medieval gold ring with ruby

English ca 1400 gold ring with cabochon ruby. Measurement of bezel :6 mm Ring size : “L” = US 6



Ancient Roman engraved silver intaglio ring

Ancient Roman , ca 300 A.D. seal engraved silver intagio of a charioteer, set in later high carat gold. Engraved silver intaglios were popular as […]



Roman “gryllus” intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio ring of a gryllus, with three faces.The fine itaglio is from the first century A.D. Measurement of bezel : 19 x 17 […]



Antique diamond ring

Antique diamond ring with “large” rose cut in the middle, surrounded by 14 small rose cuts. Shoulder are set with single rose as well. Ring […]



1600 blackamoor niccolo cameo ring

ca 1600 cameo of a blackamoor in later high carat mount. Measurement of bezel :15.5 mm x 12.5 mm Ring size : “L” = US […]



Emerald with diamonds ring

English ca 1790 gold ring with oblong emeraldin the middle with diamonds surround. Ring size : “L” + 1/2 = US “6”



Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio of a seated figure. The gold mount is later. Ring size : “L”



Ancient Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio of a standing figure with a horse in nineteeth century gold setting. The ring is marked 18 ct inside. The intaglio […]



Ancient Roman Intaglio Ring

Ancient Roman carnelian intaglio portrait of Marcus Aurelius, second century A.D. in a late Victorian ca 1880 high carat gold setting. Ring size : “O” […]



Medieval gold ring with emerald

Ca1520 gold ring with “large” emerald. The square “cusped” setting is set with a slightly domed emerald. Probably Spanish. Unfortunately the emerald is damaged. Ring […]



1784 Memorial gold ring

English dated 1784 and inscribed “Mary Hare Ob 6 Dec. Aet 83 ” memorial gold ring with hair and a enamelled gold urn under domed […]



Late Roman gold ring

Late Roman gold ring ca 300-400 A.D. set with pebble cut chrome crysolite. Ring size : “H” = US “4”



Ancient Greek silver ring

ca.450 B.C.Greek silver ring, engraved with a “mythical” beast. Ring size:”O”=US7+1/2



Silver pilgrims ring

Ca 1400 silver gilt ring , a figure of a Saint / Probably St James / with a scallop shell on either side.Probably a pilgrims […]



Georgian Diamond Ring

Ca 1790-1800 diamond ring, the diamonds are set in silver, and the ” undercarriage” is made of gold.



Cameo ring

Early eighteenth century hard stone “black amore” cameo in late ca 1780 high carat setting. Measurement of bezel;30 mm x 24 mm. Ring size :”W” […]



Late Roman gold ring with cab emerald

ca 400 A.D. gold ring with cabochon emerald. Ring size :”H” = US 4



1600 silver armorial ring

Hungarian ca 1600 engraved armorial silver ring. Measurements of bezel:18 x 13 mm Ringsize :”T”+1/2 = US10



Eighteenth century marquise shaped diamond ring

English ca 1770 gold and silver ring set in the middle with a single diamond / weighing over one carat / , surrounded by one […]



Portuguese chrysolite ring

Portuguese ca 1770 gold ring with beaded edge set with chrysolites. Measurements of bezel : 38 x 29 mm Ring size : “L” = US […]



Byzantine gold ring

Byzantine gold ring with engraved and pierced inscription. Constantinople ca 600 A.D.



Late medieval gold ring

English ca 1500 gold ring with a fleur de lis, the shoulders are two hands holding the shank . Ring size :”M” Measurement of bezel […]

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