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Lapis scarab ring with diamonds

Ca 1880 gold ring with diamonds and a beautifully carved lapis scarab.



Ca 1820 gold ring with garnet and turquoise and pearls

ca 1820 gold ring with garnet in the middle and turquoise and pearls surround Ring size : “N”



Antique topaz and diamond ring

late eighteenth century gold ring with topaz and diamonds. Ringsize : “M”



Sixteenth century silver Calatrava ring

a 1600 silver ring with a cast bezel of the image of Calatrava, an ancient Spanish order.Some traces the original fire gilding still visible. Measurements […]



1790-1800 French gold ring with diamonds

French gold ring ca 1790-1800 with black enamel and diamonds



Amethyst ring with diamonds

French gold ring ca 1880 with large amethyst and diamonds



Eighteenth century Portuguese ring

Ca 1780-90 Portuguese gold ring with pale aquamarine and rock crystals.



Ca 1880 North Indian ring with diamonds and rubies

22 carat gold ring ca 1880 North India with enamel , diamonds and rubies



Double heart ring with diamonds

ca 1900 double heart gold ring with amethyst and peridot and diamonds



Seventeenth century Ottoman ring

Antique ca 1680 Ottoman gold ring with seal carved carnelian



Ca 1600 gold ring with ruby

Antique gold ring with cabochon ruby



Eighteenth century gold ring with diamonds and green enamel

French ca 1780 antique gold ring with diamonds and green enamel. Measurements of bezel : 21 x 16 mm



Ancient Roman “key” ring

An ancient Roman gold Childs “key” ring. ca second century A.D. Ring size : B



Ruby and diamond ring

Antique gold and silver ring , probably French ca 1820 set with rubies and diamonds



Fifteenth century silver gilt ring

Probably French ca 1480-1500 gilt silver ring with a crowned “G” and ” Du Port” in “black” lettering around the central crowned G Ring size […]



Italian micro mosaic ring

Navette shaped gold ring set with a micro mosaic panel depicting an ancient amphora. Grand Tour ca 1800



Eighteenth century gold ring with rubies and diamonds

English ca 1770 heart shaped gold ring with rubies and diamonds



Eighteenth century gold and silver ring with diamonds and sapphire

English ca 1780-90 silver and gold ring . The centre is set with a Ceylon sapphire.



1720 armorial gold ring

Ca 1700-1720 European armorial gold ring. Measurement of bezel : 14 x 9 mm Ring size : “O” + 1/2



Gold ring with diamonds and emerald

Ca 1860 gold ring with fine untreated Colombian emerald and small diamonds around. Ring size : “L”



Rose diamond ring

Ca 1820 gold ring with single rose diamond in the middle and 12 very small diamonds around. Ring size : J+1/2



1800 cameo ring of Eros

Hard stone cameo of Eros in ca 1800 gold ring Measurements of bezel 26 x 14 mm Ring size : “O” + 1/2 = US […]



Eighteenth century gold and silver ring with diamonds and emerald

Ca 1740 gold and silver ring. The bezel is set with eight table cut diamonds and the center is set with an emerald. Ring size […]

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