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1600 silver gilt posy ring

1600 silver gilt posy ring . Inside message ” I favor as I find” Ring size :”N”



Gold merchant’s ring

Ca 1660 gold merchants ring of the Brewers guild Ring size : N



Memento mori gold ring

Seventeenth century gold Memento mori ring with black enamel. The outside is with single skull and flower foliage the inside is engraved ” J B […]



Sixteenth century silver ring

European armorial silver ring , ca 1580 Ring size : X



Seventeenth century POSY ring

ca 1700 gold posy ring engraved inside : “love to be loved ” Ring size : “Q”



Seventeenth century POSY ring

ca 1680 gold posy ring with engraved inside inscription : ” In God is my trust ” Ring size : “L”



Seventeenth century POSY ring

Seventeenth century god POSY ring with inside inscription : ” Godes blessing is my porcion ” Ringsize :”S”



seventeenth century POSY ring

Ca 1660 gold posy ring with inscription inside : “O Lorde gave me thy blessinge” Ring size :”R”+1/2



1716 Memento Mori ring

Dated Memento Mori gold ring. Engraved outside with a skull. Engraved on the inside : “A*S obt. 20 Nov 16 oet*37 ” Ring size : […]



Seventeenth century Memento more gold ring

Ca 1680 Memento Mori ring with a full skeleton an hourglass and crossed pick axe and shovel . Engraved inside: “Never lost but gone before”



Seventeenth century gold POSY ring

Seventeenth century gold posy ring, with an engraved inscription inside ” Love equals ” Miss spelt…! Width of ring : 5 mm



Gold and sapphire stirrup ring

Ca 1500 gold stirrup ring with sapphire Ring size : P+1/2



Memento Mori gold ring with black enamel

8 mm wide gold band , engraved and enamelled on the outside ” Mrs Eliz Dawson ob 27 Nov 1816 Ring size : “W”



Venetian gold ring 1450

Engraved gold ring , most probably Venice ca 1450, bezel engraved with a capital “P” in mirror engraving Size of bezel : 9 mm in […]



Memento Mori gold ring with black enamel

Seventeenth century gold Memento Mori ring with full skeleton and black enamel. Engraved inside : S*R*J obt:19 Sept 94 Ring size : “O”+1/2 = US7+1/2



Late Roman gold ring with engraved stag

Ca 300 A.D gold ring with an engraved running stag.



Seventeenth century cameo in later gold ring

Italian ca 1600 hard stone cameo of Eve with an apple in later high carat gold mount



Eighteenth century paste ring

Ca 1780 large paste ring



Eighteenth century amethyst and chrysolite ring

Eighteenth century amethyst and chrysolite ring. All the stones are foiled from the back



Ancient Greek bronze ring in later gold mount

Ancient Greek bronze ring ca 400 B.C. of a young male athlete in a later high carat mount



Eighteenth century “portrait” ring

Antique, ca 1790 hollow constructed gold ring with the inscription ” IFC Radingh ObercomendantZu Riga, geb. a. 15 Nov 1657.” The portrait is painted on […]



Third century A.D. silver ring

Ca 250 A. D. silver ring with letters in capital engraved on the outside. the letters are “O T V M E R C V […]



ca 1840 gold ring with rubies and diamonds

ca 1840 gold cluster ring with rubies and diamonds



Jade ring

Green jade in ca 1900 high carat gold setting



Byzantine gold ring

Sixth century Byzantine gold ring with engraved bezel. The engraving is a cipher .



Edwardian platinum ring with over 2 carat diamond

Ca 1900 hand pierced platinum ring with a central diamond of ca 2.25 carat surrounded by small diamonds



Early sixteenth century gold ring with sapphire

Ca 1500 hollow gold ring with table cut sapphire



1820 ring with garnet and diamonds

Probably Italian ca 1820-30 silver and gold ring with garnet and diamonds



1800 topaz and paste ring

ca 1800 foiled topaz and paste ring. The shank might be a later addition.?



Amethyst ring with diamonds

Probably French ca 1870 silver and gold ring with amethyst and diamonds Ring size : P



Ca 1600 gold ring with ruby

Antique gold ring with cabochon ruby



Ancient Roman intaglio of Zeus in eighteenth century mount

Second century A.D. ancient Roman red jasper intaglio of Zeus sitting on the throne with the eagle sitting on his right arm. The high carat […]



Eighteenth century gold ring with diamonds and green enamel

French ca 1780 antique gold ring with diamonds and green enamel. Measurements of bezel : 21 x 16 mm



Ancient garnet cameo of Eros in eighteenth century mount

Ancient garnet cameo of Eros set in late eighteenth century ring with diamonds. ring size : “M” + 1/2



Cabochon star sapphire ring with diamonds

Ca 1880 , French gold cluster ring with cabochon star sapphire and old full cut diamond surround. Measurement of bezel : 17 mm diameter Ring […]



1920-es platinum ring with turquoise

Designer platinum ring with turquoise. French ca 1930 ring size : “L”



Ancient Roman intaglio ring

Ancient Roman intaglio ring ca 200 A.D. The niccolo intaglio is of Aphrodite holding the head of Adonis Measurements of bezel : 11×9 mm ring […]



Ancient Roman “key” ring

An ancient Roman gold Childs “key” ring. ca second century A.D. Ring size : B



Ruby and diamond ring

Antique gold and silver ring , probably French ca 1820 set with rubies and diamonds



Eighteenth century diamond ring

England ca 1740 silver and gold diamond ring set with rose cut diamonds. The diamonds are in a closed back setting and are foiled.



Ancient Roman Lion cameo ring

Important ancient Roman cameo of a lion in later high carat gold ring



Sixteenth century cameo in eighteenth century ring

Ca 1580-1600 agate cameo of a merman / male equivalent of a mermaid / The eighteenth century gold and silver ring is with two small […]



Fifteenth century silver gilt ring

Probably French ca 1480-1500 gilt silver ring with a crowned “G” and ” Du Port” in “black” lettering around the central crowned G Ring size […]



Italian micro mosaic ring

Navette shaped gold ring set with a micro mosaic panel depicting an ancient amphora. Grand Tour ca 1800



Eighteenth century gold ring with rubies and diamonds

English ca 1770 heart shaped gold ring with rubies and diamonds



Eighteenth century ring with foiled rock crystal

English ca 1779 silver and gold ring with foiled rock crystals



Ancient Roman intaglio ring

Ca 400 A.D. gold ring with red jasper intaglio of a cipher of letters. The cipher must be the owners name in coded letters.



Eighteenth century gold and silver ring with diamonds and sapphire

English ca 1780-90 silver and gold ring . The centre is set with a Ceylon sapphire.

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